Use Combo Deals to get More Traffic to your Foodservice Venue

Use Combo Deals to get More Traffic to your Foodservice Venue

Have you ever wanted to expand your customer base and drive more traffic to your venue, but didn't know where to begin?

Don't stress. We've got just the solution - Combo deals.

Short for combination deals, combo deals are the perfect marketing tactic that a venue of any size can take on board and see instant results. It's a fool-proof way to target your customers with added value on their food.

We share our much-loved combo ideas for your venue, so that you can sell more stone baked pizzas and achieve the profits you've always dreamt of.

Mini Stone Baked Pizzas and Juice Kids Combo

But first, what exactly are Combo Deals?

Combo deals treat your customers to more - more variety, more savings and more reasons to visit your venue.

If your Meatlovers pizza is priced at $15, and your beer priced at $10, a combo deal that will tickle the fancy of customers will be a $20 deal - saving them $5, and heightening your chances of selling more than you would if you were to sell them individually. 

But, it's all about maximising your selling occasions and taking control of the products you want your customers to purchase.

Major fast food chains have been taking on the combo deal technique for many years. Taylor from Business Insider Australia found that 1-year old fast food restaurants found a 5.4% increase in sales after integrating meal deals at valuable prices.

It all comes down to understanding your customers - what they like, don't like and what they find valuable. 


Peking Duck Stone Baked Pizza and Wine Combo

How Combo Deals Can Help your Venue

Combo deals are a great asset to any foodservice venue. Not only do they offer you the chance to sell more, but you can ultimately build a loyal customer base that keeps on giving. 

Increase Traffic

Driving traffic to your venue is a major key in venue growth. Who doesn't want more people at their venue, enjoying their stone baked pizzas? Driving traffic to your venue using combo deals is super easy. Create a combo deal that's hard to miss and resist, and find ways to broadcast it.

We recommend printing large A1 or A0 posters and hanging them on your windows and doors. You can also showcase your deal with a clearly designed artwork for use on your social media. Get the engagement flowing, and you'll have them at your door in no time.

Increase Selling Occasions

You can easily increase your selling occasions by having multiple combo deals scheduled for an event, or time of day. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, birthdays are just some of the events you can take advantage of. The more combo deals available, the more purchase occasions you'll have. 

Gain Loyal Customers

Using combo deals to drive more store traffic can ultimately lead to more loyal customers. New customers heading to your venue can have a domino effect in the way your venue attracts customers. Through social media and word of mouth recommendations, you can build and retain your customer base gained from the traffic of combo deals. We suggest you interact with your customers through social media to maintain the relationship!


Top 25 Combo Deals for the Foodservice Industry

 Top Combo Deals for Foodservice Venues

You need to understand your customers and why they choose to eat at your venue, and then provide an offer that's hard to resist. We understand that it's different for everyone, that's why we’ve given you our Top 25 Combo Deal Ideas that you can implement in your venue. Get your venues ready, because these will be a hit!


Hotels & Accomodation
  • Bubbly Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza & Alcoholic Beverage
  • Beer Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza & Beer
  • Kids Combo - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Juice or Soft Drink
  • Family Combo - 2 12" Stone Baked Pizzas, 3 Sides and 2L Soft Drink
  • Couples Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza, Dessert & 2 Alcoholic Beverages

    Petrol & Convenience 
    • Breakfast Combo (Available before 10am) - Breakfast 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Coffee
    • Meal Deal Combo - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Slushy
    • Family Dinner Combo (Available 5pm-8pm) - 2 2" Stone Baked Pizzas & Drinks
    • Night Owl Combo (Available after 9pm) - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Energy Drink
    • Snack Comb - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Chocolate Bar

      • Kids Combo - 6" Stone Baked Pizza, Hot Chips & Slushie
      • Party Combo - Stone Baked Pizza Platter, 6 Sides & 2 1L Drinks
      • Family Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza, 2 Sides & Drinks
      • Dessert Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza, Dessert Pizza & 2 Drinks

        Restaurants & Cafes
        • Breakfast Combo - 6" Breakfast Stone Baked Pizza & Coffee
        • On the Go Lunch Combo - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Drink
        • Family Combo - 2 12" Stone Baked Pizzas, 3 Sides and Drinks
        • Student Combo - 9" Stone Baked Pizza & Drink

          On Premise
          • Happy Hour Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza & 2 Alcoholic Beverages
          • Drink Combo - 12" Stone Baked Pizza & Alcoholic Beverage
          • Perfect Pairing Combo (Available after 9pm only) - Sharer Platter & 2 Alcoholic Beverages
          • Group Combo - 3 12" Stone Baked Pizza, 2 Sides & Drinks

            • Morning Tea Combo - 6" Breakfast Stone Baked Pizza & Fruit
            • Lunch Combo - 6" Stone Baked Pizza & Drink
            • Breakfast Combo - 6" Breakfast Stone Baked Pizza & Juice

             Small Kids Combo Deal Poster for Schools

            How to Implement Combo Deal in your Segment

            Implement these ideas in your venue through point of sale (POS). Here at Il Uno Artisan, we offer free POS that you can download through our Creative Toolbox and use in your venue. We have a selection of Combo Deals for every segment, in different styles. You are bound to find something for your venue!

            Simply purchase, download, print and place around your venue. Here are some places we suggest to place your POS in:

            • Counter Cards - Tables, bar, ordering counter
            • Posters - Walls, windows, doors, within menus
            • Menus/Flyers - Tables, digital screens
            • Digital - Dining slideshow, social media, website

              We hope this gives you a better understanding of how Combo Deals can have a great impact on your venue! Find out more tips on how to sell more in your segment through our Customer Handbook.