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Learning made fun with kid-friendly natural stone baked pizzas.

Serving delicious and healthy food to young and growing kids is vital in promoting health and wellbeing, which is why we understand the importance of providing healthy food alternatives that students will actually eat.

We cater to:

  • Primary and Secondary education
  • Tertiary education
  • Early learning and childcare centres
  • Learning groups and events
  • & much more!

We understand the effort education facilities place in offering healthy yet delicious meals to students, staff and visitors. Serving delicious and heathy pizzas to students will allow them to have a better connection with food in the future and aids in the promotion of healthy yet fulfilling food choices.

What if students could enjoy delicious pizzas whilst keeping their parent’s and teacher’s mind at ease with a healthy alternative option?

Students sometimes feel limited with their choice of canteen food options. That's why we help canteens provide healthy pizzas that children are familiar with, and will freely choose to eat.

Our Artisan Pizza Kitchen strives to make eating enjoyable, whilst maximising your staff’s time. Kitchen staff can serve delicious and healthy artisan pizzas in under 4 minutes, beating the canteen rush and satisfying the little tummies.

Ways to Maximise your Pizza Sales:

Pizza and bottled water    Healthy Pizza Combo Deals

Use Il Uno Artisan pizza bases to create healthy meal combinations that both parents and kids will find appealing. Encourage your students to eat healthy with nutritious pizza options paired with their choice of vegetable, fruits and beverages. This allow students to have variety in their lunches, whilst remaining healthy and nutritious – pleasing both children and their parents.

Pizza in hand    Grab-n-Go Pizza

Beat the lunch-time rush with delicious stone baked pizzas that are pre-topped, cooked and ready to be served hot. Give students their choice of pizza for lunch on demand without the need for long queues. The fast cooking times of the pizzas can help your staff serve more students without the kitchen stress.

Custom pizza    Design our own Healthy Pizza

Bring fun to the lunch room by creating a Design Your own Healthy Pizza program that allow students to design their pizza for lunch. Instead of ordering a pizza or grabbing it out of a hot box, your students can interact and customise their pizzas using a variety of healthy and nutritious toppings. This will encourage students to be accountable for their lunches.


Marketing Materials for
Educational Facilities

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We offer a range of generic and free Point Of Sale for customers looking to promote their stone baked pizza bases. Below are the Marketing Materials we recommend for Education facilities.

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