Crafted by us, served by you.

We seek to revolutionise the foodservice industry by offering a turn-key solution for the highest quality, most authentic Italian pizza on the market, combined with end-to-end equipment, service and marketing to turn your pizzaiolo dreams into a reality.

The Journey to Il Uno Artisan

We believe that everyone should enjoy authentic Italian pizza without the need to travel far and wide. So we ventured around Italy’s most famous culinary regions to track down the best traditional recipe, fresh ingredients and Neapolitan techniques on offer.

Alas, combining the best Italy had to offer, we developed the perfect Italian stone baked pizza base that's now enjoyed across Australia and New Zealand. To honour our journey in discovering the recipe you see and love today, came the birth of our brand Il Uno. Italian for “The One”.

Today, we continue to deliver premium artisan pizza bases for over 5000 foodservice professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

Premium Italian Flours

Our dough features a combination of premium Italian flours including gold standard ‘000’ flour known to be more finely ground and contains less gluten than regular flours.

Rich Polpa Sauce

Our tomato sauce is made up of pure San Marzano tomato polpa, with a combination of our finest herbs and spices. The fresh flavour is achieved by excluding sugar and preservatives.

100% Italian Mozzarella

Our Italian Mozzarella is extremely stringy and melts to perfection. The shaved cheese has a gourmet hand-crafted look look and ensures an even coverage on your pizza base to deliver the ultimate cheese pull.

Our Authentic Production Methods

We take pride in ensuring our pizza bases live up to our premium quality standards. Every aspect of the pizza base you know and love is considered in the production process to deliver a picture-perfect pizza, with the taste to match.

24-Hour Leavening

Our light, crisp dough bubbles are a result of our traditional Neapolitan style leavening process, where we allow the dough to rise for a full 24-hours before being hand-stretched.

Hand-Stretched Dough

Our dough is hand-stretched to ensure they achieve the artisan look and feel by creating a fluffy dough that’s thin in the centre, and thick towards the crust.

Wood-Fired & Stone Baked

Our pizza bases are partially baked in traditional wood-fired stone pizza ovens before being snapped frozen and delivered straight to you, reducing your cook time.

Artisan Look, Feel & Taste

The final result of our pizza base encompasses a handmade look and feel. Each individual pizza base has its own unique appearance in shape, dough bubbles and char.