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Be your customer’s go-to restaurant when it comes to premium artisan stone baked pizzas.

Diners are looking for premium-quality foods with endless variety, and we you can offer just that and more with our Artisan Pizza Kitchen solution.

We cater to:
  • Fine dining
  • Casual dining
  • Bakery
  • Cafés

The Artisan Pizza Kitchen can help Restaurants & Cafés.

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Speedy pizza delivery

Reach twice the number of customers by promoting your stone baked pizzas through third-party food delivery services. Using an external delivery service means your kitchen staff can focus on serving your in-house diners without the need for additional staff.

Chef plate in hand

Lightning service

What’s worse than being served par-quality food? Waiting a lifetime for it. Surprise your customers pizzas served in just 4 minutes during any hour of the day. Your diners will be amazed by the quality and speed of your service - they will be coming back for more.


The menu of everything

Broaden your menu range and become a restaurant that specialises in a wide array of meals suited for guests of all ages and dietary requirements. Serve entrée, main, dessert and sides using our range of Margherita and un-topped pizza bases.

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Marketing Materials for
Restaurants & Cafés

We provide a range of free universal point of sale for all venues, to assist in the promotion of your pizzas. See our recommendations for Restaurants & Cafés.

We can help you:

  • Drive awareness to your pizzas
  • Increase foot traffic to your venue
  • Build a loyal customer base of pizza lovers
  • Increase your customer’s purchasing frequency
  • Boost overall engagement to your venue