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Elevate the fun with premium
artisan stone baked pizzas.

Entertainment venues are the ultimate destination for fun and adventure between family and friends.
What better way to elevate the enjoyment than with delicious pizza?

We cater to:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Indoor and outdoor play arenas
  • Children play centres
  • Enterainment venues
  • & much more!

We are eager to add joy to your customer’s journey around your venue, which is why our Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Everyone loves pizza, so why not give them access to delicious stone baked artisan pizzas as a lunch option?

Our solution strives to make your customers' eating experience enjoyable by allowing you to provide perfectly cooked pizzas in just 4 minutes. Your customers can skip the long queues, long waiting times and be impressed by your fast service.

Ways to Maximise your Pizza Sales:

Pizza in hand    Grab-n-Go Pizza

Settle the lunch time rush with stone baked pizzas that are pre-topped, cooked and sold hot. Serve a variety of stone baked artisan pizzas on demand for breakfast and lunch without the build-up of queues and long wait times. Visitors who are looking for a quick lunch option will appreciate the variety and convenience.

Gourmet Pizza    Fresh Gourmet Pizzas

Set your fresh and gourmet pizzas apart from your Grab-n-Go pizzas with a new gourmet menu featuring higher quality toppings and more variety. Satisfy visitors who are looking to wind down and relax for lunch with pizzas for all ages and dietary requirements.

Take advantage of premium positioning that pizza lovers will freely enjoy. Family and friends can relax and enjoy freshly cooked stone baked pizza that is ready in just 4 minutes – much faster than other food stalls!

Pizza and drink    Family Friendly Combo Deals

Utilise Il Uno Artisan pizza bases to create meal deals that are hard to resist! Create an endless amount of combination deals suited for families, young adults and children to increase customer traffic to your food stall or restaurant.

Offer a free drink, price discount or collaborate with other food vendors to help drive pizza sales. Stone baked pizza is the perfect lunch option for a big day out – you will have no problems converting sales with a deal that’s hard to resist!

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Marketing Materials for
Amusement & Entertainment

Did you know that we provide free Marketing assistance to our customers?

We offer a range of generic and free Point Of Sale for customers looking to promote their stone baked pizza bases. Below are the Marketing Materials we recommend for Entertainment Venues.

We can help you:

  • Drive awareness
  • Increase traffic
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Increase purchasing frequency
  • Boost engagement