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Score a 5-star rating with premium artisan stone baked pizzas.

What better way to satisfy your guests than with premium Italian stone baked pizzas served by the pool, buffet or in the comfort of their very own room.

We cater to:
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Apartments
  • Motels
  • Camping & Caravan Sites

The Artisan Pizza Kitchen can help Hotel & Accommodations.

All night pizzas

Pizza all-nighter

The Artisan Pizza Kitchen can accommodate the early risers and night owls of your accommodation. Expand your pizza trading hours and serve premium stone baked artisan pizzas around the clock without a managed kitchen. Our solution is so simple and easy, it can be operated by staff of all ages to serve the same high-quality pizza every time.

Premium pizzas

Premium pizzas

Expand your menu with a selection of Italian stone baked pizzas that your customers will love. Our artisan Margherita pizza base is the perfect foundation for any pizza recipe. Premiumise your pizzas with unique and seasonal recipes paired with a range of traditional well-loved recipes.


4 menus a day

Take advantage of the dining experience by implementing a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert pizza menu at your venue to increase your selling occasions and maximise your profits.

Beach resort

Marketing Materials for Hotels & Resorts

We provide a range of free universal point of sale for all venues, to assist in the promotion of your pizzas. See our recommendations for Hotel & Accommodations.

We can help you:

  • Drive awareness to your pizzas
  • Increase foot traffic to your venue
  • Build a loyal customer base of pizza lovers
  • Increase your customer’s purchasing frequency
  • Boost overall engagement to your venue