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ll Uno Artisan Pizza Bases

You can find detailed product specifications on the ‘Specifications’ tab of each product. You can also view our Product Specifications booklet on our 'Handbooks' bookshelf.
We do not recommend cooking your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases frozen. The cheese will not have adequate time to melt and may cause burning of both the cheese and base.

For best results, thaw/defrost the frozen pizza base for 30 minutes prior to cooking.
We do not recommend defrosting your pizza bases using a microwave as this will create inconsistency in the cheese melting performance and overall pizza texture and taste. The fastest and most reliable option is to thaw/defrost your frozen pizza base in room temperature 30 minutes prior to cooking.
Our pizza bases are made using authentic production methods to get the perfect artisan handmade look and feel. This means that each pizza base will have its own unique look in terms of shape, dough bubbles and stone excess. Your pizza base may not measure exact to the size indicated due to the shape but will always contain the correct grammage.
Our pizza bases are par-baked in traditional stone fire ovens before being snapped frozen. The charcoal from the stone par-baking process contributes to the artisan stone baked appearance and taste of your pizza.
Unfortunately, none of our bases are currently gluten-free.
Our Plain pizza bases and Vegetable pizza bases contain no animal and dairy products, therefore is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Due to the factory of production, it is mindful to note that they may contain traces of fish and soy.

Our Margherita pizza bases are vegetarian, containing no meat products. Due to the place of production, it is mindful to note that they may also contain traces of fish and soy.
If your mozzarella cubed cheese is not melting at the same rate as your base is cooking, ensure your pizza base has been completely defrosted prior to cooking.
The frozen shelf life of Il Uno pizza bases is 18 months. The chilled shelf life is 3 days (72 hours). Once it is defrosted, do not refreeze.
Our pizza bases have cubed mozzarella cheese instead of shredded mozzarella cheese to ensure that the pizza has an even coverage of cheese melt. The cubed mozzarella cheese allows the cheese to melt into each other more evenly.
The white excess or clusters you see on your pizza is semolina, a dusting of flour over our pizza bases to absorb moisture and aids in the pizza texture and taste.
The white excess or clusters you see on your pizza is simply just semolina. The dusting of semolina over our pizza bases absorbs moisture and aids in the pizza texture and taste. If it is too much for your liking, simply dust away.
PFD Food Services, Associated Food Services and Country Wide are just some of the distributors stocking Il Uno Artisan products.

If you already order with a distributor, please contact them to enquire about Il Uno Artisan pizza bases.

ll Uno Express Ovens

If you find that your Il Uno Express Oven is faulty, simply fill out this Oven Fault form. We will review your submission and resolve your issue promptly.

Purchase & Delivery

Our pizza bases are available from a wide variety of foodservice distributors across Australia and New Zealand. Please leave your name and preferred contact details, and one of our team members will be in touch with more information.
We are currently only available to the hospitality or convenience market. However, you can purchase our pizzas through any distributor offering home delivery to the general public in Australia or New Zealand.

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