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ll Uno Artisan Pizza Bases

Hi! All nutritional information is available on our website, simply head to our "Products" section and select "Specification" under the product image on the relevant product page. Or, head to the "Handbooks" section of our website.
This will differ among each product range. You can find this information, specific to each product by viewing the ‘Specifications’ tab under each product. You can also view our Product Specifications/Catalogue under our Resources tab.
Our pizza bases are made using authentic production methods to get the perfect artisan handmade look and feel. This means that each pizza base will have its own unique look in terms of shape, dough bubbles and char. Your pizza base may not measure exact to the size indicated due to the shape but will always contain the correct weight.
We do not recommend cooking your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases from frozen. The cheese will not have adequate time to melt and may cause burning of both the cheese and base.

For best results, thaw/defrost the frozen pizza base for 30 minutes prior to cooking.
Unfortunately, none of our bases are currently gluten-free. We do have a Gluten Free Plain Base in the works, if you're interested please contact our team.
Our range of Plain Pizza Bases contain no animal and dairy products, therefore is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Due to the factory of production, it is mindful to note that they may contain traces of fish and soy.

Our Margherita Pizza Bases are vegetarian, containing no meat products. Due to the place of production, it is mindful to note that they may also contain traces of fish and soy.
The frozen shelf life of our pizza bases are as follows: Plain Pizza Base = 12 months Margherita Pizza Base = 18 months. The chilled shelf life is 3 days (72 hours). Once it is defrosted, do not refreeze.

ll Uno Express Ovens

If you find that your Il Uno Express Oven is faulty, contact our team via and we will send you a request form for a free replacement.

Purchase & Delivery

We stock our pizzas through a number of foodservice/hospitality distributors across Australia and New Zealand. If you already order through a distributor, please contact them to enquire about whether they stock Il Uno Artisan Pizza and for pricing. For additional support or help locating a distributor, you can contact us via or call our office directly via (07) 3348 4007Remove
Hi! Our pizza bases are currently only available to the hospitality or convenience market, they are not available to purchase by the general public. Our pizza bases are available from a wide variety of foodservice distributors across Australia and New Zealand. Please leave your name and preferred contact details, and one of our team members will be in touch to help you find a supplier. Or, contact
PFD Food Services, Associated Food Services and Country Wide are just some of the distributors stocking Il Uno Artisan products.

If you already order with a distributor, please contact them to enquire about Il Uno Artisan pizza bases. If you need help locating your nearest distributor, please contact us.
Il Uno Artisan is currently only available to the foodservice market. However, you can purchase our pizzas through our retail brand, My Local Pizza at participating grocers. Visit for more information.

Marketing Support

We offer a range of marketing advice, tailored marketing strategies, bespoke marketing materials and much more! For free marketing materials, visit our Resources tab.

Alternatively, contact us at to see how we can help you.