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Reinvent convenience with
premium artisan stone baked
pizzas served in 4 minutes.

Petrol, convenience and take-away stores are reliable and easily accessible. You can always count on them to deliver whenever and where ever. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could grab delicious pizza in under 4 minutes? We think so!

We cater to:

  • Petrol stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarket retail
  • Grab & Go stores
  • & much more!

We know the satisfying feeling of convenience, which is why we enjoy serving our clients within petrol, convenience, supermarket retail and takeaway stores. We enjoy helping our clients provide fast service and serve hot foods on demand.

Efficiently serve delicious stone baked artisan pizzas around the clock 24-hours of the day.

Pizza lovers can skip the 20-minute pizza wait times and enjoy fresh premium pizzas in just 4 minutes. Our Artisan Pizza Kitchen will allow you to serve pizzas quickly and keep your customers satisfied. Once they experience fast service and delicious stone baked pizza, they will be stopping by for more in no time.

Ways to maximise your pizza sales:

Phone ordering pizza    Food Delivery Collaboration

Collaborate with food delivery services to reach more customers outside of store visits. Feature your selection of premium stone baked artisan pizzas through online delivery service apps to pull local customers looking for fast, premium pizzas. Your customers can enjoy hot pizzas without the need to step outdoors.

Pizza and clock    24-Hour Pizza Service

Let your counter staff quickly and easily serve pizzas 24-hours a day without the need for a professional Chef on site. Maximise your sales opportunities by offering pizzas at all hours of the day to cater to the early risers and night owls seeking local and delicious pizza. Your customers will never have to worry about meeting trading hours!

Pizza in hand    Pizza on Demand

Re-invent the way people buy pizza by offering a pizza service that outweighs current fast food chains. Serve stone baked artisan pizzas on demand for breakfast, lunch and dinner without the queues and long wait times. Serve your customers on the spot with quality pizza that is ready in just 4 minutes.

Petrol Station

Marketing Materials for
Petrol & Convenience

Did you know that we provide free Marketing assistance to our customers?

We offer a range of generic and free Point Of Sale for customers looking to promote their stone baked pizza bases. Below are the Marketing Materials we recommend for Petrol & Convenience.

We can help you:

  • Drive awareness
  • Increase traffic
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Increase purchasing frequency
  • Boost engagement