The Ultimate Fast Pizza Service with Il Uno Artisan

The Ultimate Fast Pizza Service with Il Uno Artisan

With the demand for convenient food on the rise, foodservice pizza venues are doing all they can to deliver great-tasting, quality stone baked pizzas, fast.  In the process of making this happen, many find themselves struggling to keep up when using traditional equipment and kitchen processes.

What if foodservice professionals could serve pizzas in just 4 minutes, without jeopardising the authentic taste of a store-made Italian stone baked pizza?

Here at Il Uno Artisan, we've got the answers. We share how pizzerias can do just that whilst minimising business costs with our ultimate Artisan Pizza Kitchen solution


Pizza ingredients scattered

Dough Balls, Be Gone!

Creating pizza dough from scratch require loose ingredients, trained kitchen staff, and long preparation times. Wouldn’t it be wise to dedicate energy elsewhere in order to speed up the production of other food menu items?

Ditch the overnight dough leavening process and skip straight into a par-baked pizza base. When using a par-baked pizza base, foodservice professionals have the potential to cut all preparation time and reduce cooking times, without losing the authentic look and taste of a traditional pizza. 

We offer a range of artisan Plain and Vegetable par-baked pizza bases that encapsulate the same hand-made appearance, quality and taste as a pizza created in-store. 

How? Well, our pizza doughs are made with high quality Italian flour which is then leavened for over 24 hours, hand-stretched, par-baked in wood-fire stone ovens and then snapped frozen to ensure it remains in it’s most authentic form when delivered to you.

Or for the ultimate way to speed up your pizza service, try a complete topped pizza base;


Uncooked pizza base with sauce and cheese

Pre-Topped Pizza Bases

To eliminate preparation and speed up your cooking times, use a par-baked pizza base that comes topped. This is a simple shift from plain pizza bases that could save on extra ingredients. 

We’ve created a pizza base that features the same great Neapolitan production methods listed above, but with two added bonuses – sauce and cheese. We call it our Margherita pizza base.

By adding rich tomato pulpa and 100% Italian Mozzarella cheese on top of an artisan par-baked pizza base, it allows kitchen staff to quickly add toppings and cook without worrying about the dough, sauce and cheese. By using this simple product, foodservice professionals and business owners will save heavily on labour costs, ingredient costs, food wastage and overall cooking time.

 Find out more about our Margherita pizza bases here.


Snack pizzas in cold display

Pre-Prep Ingredients

Kitchen staff should prepare topping ingredients the night prior to meet next-day demands. Place pizza toppings in food-safe containers, ready to be topped upon receiving an order. 

If using a pre-topped pizza base like our Margherita pizza base, add ingredients onto the frozen pizza base, wrap and store in the refrigerator overnight to defrost. Combining the defrosting and topping stage will easily speed up your pizza service.


Pizza, oven and cooking tools


Compact Stone Pizza Ovens

When you purchase our Margherita pizza bases, you’ll get a free commercial stone pizza oven to help you deliver the most authentic Italian pizza.

A traditional wood fire oven often adds to a venue’s authenticity and customer engagement but can also be extremely costly when it comes to purchase and maintenance, with the starting price sitting in the 5-digit range. That’s why we offer our customers the option to start their pizza journey with a compact commercial stone pizza oven, with no investment costs.

Using our Il Uno Express Oven, par-baked pizzas cook in just 4 minutes, with the ability to have an aromatic charred flavour thanks to the stone base, creating a similar result to that of a traditional wood-fire oven. Here are more ways a compact stone pizza oven like the Il Uno Express Oven can help speed up your pizza service:

  • The porous stone base helps retain a great amount of heat which makes it perfect for continuous cooking 
  • There is no timer, meaning staff can cook continuously without the need for a loud timer
  • The small and compact size means you can have more in your kitchen (and cook more), without compromising space

Find out more about Il Uno Express ovens here.


Commercial Kitchen Settings

Venues who already use large commercial ovens for other menu items can still put them to good use without spending more on pizza equipment. Brands such TurboChef, Moffat, Middleby and much more stock an array of professional commercial ovens that are suitable for cooking pizzas at maximum speed. This is a perfect option for servicing pizzas in bulk. 

We work with these brands to supply formulated cooking times and settings for foodservice professionals. Contact us for more information.


Implementing all the steps above can help you instantly speed up your pizza service, cut labour costs, reduce food wastage and in turn, serve more stone baked pizzas. Learn more about how you can join the Artisan Pizza Kitchen solution.