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Il Uno Artisan seeks to revolutionise the food service industry with the ultimate Artisan Pizza Kitchen.

Our solution helps food service professionals serve the highest quality, most authentic stone baked pizza on the market, whilst reducing labour costs and kitchen wastage using our FREE commercial stone base pizza oven and 360॰ marketing and support services.

Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution

How does it work?

Our Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution is a cost effect cooking innovation that helps foodservice professionals serve authentic, artisan stone baked pizzas without the need for a professional kitchen, additional professional chefs or excessive labour spendings.

Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution

The Benefits:

Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution Benefits

  • Serve premium artisan pizzas
    Use Il Uno Artisan's stone baked pizza base range to serve quality pizzas to your guests. They are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and authentically sourced from Italy - making it appropriate for guests who are looking for premium quality Italian stone baked pizzas.

  • Free commercial grade stone base oven

    Gain access to an Il Uno Express commercial stone oven to use within your kitchen. They are highly sophisticated and perfect for kitchens of all sizes. Their compact size is perfect for maximising kitchen counter space, so staff members can use their space more efficiently.

  • On-going technical support

    Cook at ease with on-going operational training and support from Il Uno Artisan's qualified staff. Clients will be equipped with all the training necessary to cook and serve the perfect stone baked pizza every single time.

  • Fresh pizzas in just 4 minutes

    Clients can impress customers with freshly cooked pizzas in just 4 minutes. Il Uno Express Ovens hold high temperatures that cooks pizza at rapid speed. Staff members can spend less time cooking and more time serving in-house guests.

  • Reliable and Cost-effective

    The Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution is a risk-free and cost-effective pizza cooking solution for all foodservice professionals. Clients can easily reduce labour costs, food wastage and increase workplace practicality all at once.

  • How do I join?

    Simply join our Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution by purchasing our 12-inch Classic Margherita pizza bases and receive a FREE Il Uno Express Oven.*

    Minimum order quantity applies. Contact us to find out more.

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    What's Included?

    Become part of The Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution to enjoy the Il Uno Artisan's pizza base range and receive a FREE Il Uno Express stone base oven.

    You will also receive Il Uno Artisan's Stone Baked Pizza Bases POS Collection, pizza flipper, pizza cutter, timer and instruction cooking guides.

    Chef-less Kitchen Solution package

    Classic Margherita Pizza Base

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Made using premium Italian flours
  • Authentically hand-stretched pizza dough
  • 24-Hour portion leavening process
  • San Marzano Tomato & Herb sauce base. No added sugar, water or preservatives
  • Cubed Mozzarella cheese for an even cheese coverage.
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Stone and par-baked to perfection
  • Hand-made artisan look and feel with dough bubbles.

  • Free Il Uno Express Oven

  • Quality stone base for a crispy pizza
  • Oven heat reaches 400 degrees celsius for fast cooking
  • Butterfly heating pipes for even heating across the pizza
  • Dome oven shape retains extreme heat generated in the oven for pizza that is cooked perfectly
  • Three safety handles allow you to use the oven safely with ease
  • Compact & portable for saving kitchen counter space
  • Can be easily operated by staff
  • Comes with free Marketing Materials and starter equipment
    You can rely on us when you join our Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution! Get this Il Uno Express Oven for FREE when you experience the innovation. Serve Italian stone...
    The Il Uno Artisan Classic 12" Margherita pizza base is the perfect pizza for all venues looking to serve stone baked artisan pizza. Using authentic Italian ingredients, this...