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Our Top 3 Tips & Pizza Recipes for the the Festive Season

Our Top 3 Tips & Pizza Recipes for the the Festive Season

Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for foodservice venues to maximise pizza sales and trial new and exciting dishes, and with the festive season drawing ever closer upon us, we want to share with you our top tips and recipes to help boost sales, streamline operations, and enhance the dining experience for your patrons. 

You can view all of our top tips below, plus our favourite festive pizza recipes to maximise your meal occasions over the Christmas and New Year season!


Combo Deals

Treat your customers to more; more variety, more savings, and more reasons to visit your venue! 

If your Meatlovers pizza is priced at $15, and your beer is priced at $10, a combo deal that will tickle the fancy of customers will be a $20 deal - saving them $5, and heightening your chances of selling more than you would if you were to sell them individually. It all comes down to understanding your customers - what they like, don't like and what they find valuable. 

Top Christmas Combo Deal Ideas

You can view more information on combo deals in our separate blog post, here.


Il Uno Artisan Pizza - Basil Pizza Base Canapes


Deals & Discounts for Group Bookings

Avoid the rush and encourage your patrons to book early and ahead of time with special incentives and discounts. This will allow your venue and kitchen staff to gauge the capacity of your venue and prepare beforehand, without the stress.

Deals & Incentive Ideas
  • Free pizza along with group bookings
  • 1 person eats for free in group bookings of 10 or more
  • 1 free pizza garlic bread entrée per group booking of 5 or more
  • 1 half price cocktail per person per group booking of 5 or more
  • Half Price Pizza Voucher
  • 50% Off Next Pizza
  • Free Pizza Next Booking


Create a Set Menu/Packages for Group Bookings & Parties

Create a set menu or menu packages for groups above a certain number (you can tailor this to your venue and general capacity), this will ensure that your kitchen can fully prepare your menus availability, keeping your patrons happy and avoiding any possible disappointment over the festive season.   

Set Menu & Package Ideas
  • Christmas Grazer - Grazing platter of garlic bread pizza, cured meats and cheeses served with a bottle of wine or bubbly
  • Christmas Canapés - Basil & Smoked Salmon Canapés & more, served with bottomless house wine or beer
  • Festive Fun Pizza Party - Elevate the fun with a festive themed pizza party platter, where customers can choose their pizzas ahead of time 
  • The Full Festivities - a Set 3 course menu, starting with a colourful dipping platter entrée


We've added our top 3 favourite festive menu items for you below, perfect for each course! 


Il Uno Artisan Pizza | Festive Christmas Tree Entree 

Festive Tree Sharing Entrée

Featuring our Basil & Cauliflower Vegetable Pizza Bases, our festive trees make for the ideal adorable festive sharing entree! 

What you need:

What you do: 
Defrost your pizza bases and warm them for 1-2 minutes in the Il Uno Express oven (our bases come par baked already, and you want them to still be flexible and soft enough to fold onto the skewers). Slice your mozzarella cheese into stars or use a small cookie cutter, then add your tomatoes or chorizo slices to the base of the skewers. Slice your pizza bases into long strips and fold them before sliding onto the skewers, finishing with your mozzarella stars, then serve alongside oils and balsamic dips.      


Il Uno Artisan Pizza | A Holey Wreath Pizza


A Holey Wreath Pizza

Switch up your Christmas menu with our festive sharing wreath that guests will be swooning over! Make this colourful feast vegetarian-friendly by swapping the cured meats out for Sicilian olives, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes.

What you need: What you do:
Defrost your Margherita pizza base and place a small side plate in the centre of your base to use as a guide for slicing the centre of the pizza - slice this into small cubes and bake along with your 'wreath". Once baked, place a side plate into the middle of the pizza and add your smaller baked pieces. Twist long strips of the prosciutto and top your pizza, adding the sliced tomatoes, chorizo, and salami (we used two slices, folded into rose shapes). Finish with layers of rocket and crumbled feta cheese, and serve!


Il Uno Artisan Pizza | Pavlovin' Dessert Pizza


Pav'lovin It Dessert Pizza

This is our twist on the classic pavlova. This show-stopping dessert tastes just as good as it looks and makes for the perfect fresh festive sharing dish!     

What you need:
  • Il Uno Artisan 12" Beetroot Vegetable Pizza Base
  • Mascarpone - 1 cup
  • Kiwi fruit - 20g/1/4 cup 
  • Strawberries - 20g/1/4 cup
  • Blueberries - 20g/1/4 cup
  • Banana - 20g/1/4 cup 
  • Passionfruit pulp - 10g/2 tablespoons
  • Crushed Meringue - 20g/1/4 cup
  • Fresh Mint - 1 tablespoon
What you do:
Bake your beetroot pizza base and allow to cool slightly before topping. Evenly spread the mascarpone over the base and scatter the sliced fruit. Finish with fresh mint, dollops of passionfruit pulp, and crumbled meringue pieces.  


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