Maximise your pizza sales during the Footy Season

Maximise your pizza sales during the Footy Season

The Footy Season may be looking a little different this year for some due to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't keep your pizza sales going. Your customers are more eager than ever to spend some time away from home, so why not take advantage of this celebratory occasion and create a dining experience your customers will appreciate.

This season is all about getting together as a community and celebrating the love of sports. As a foodservice venue, it’s the perfect time to maximise your pizza sales, especially if your venue is categorised under restaurants, taverns, hotels, sporting clubs or bars.

Footy season stadium


Satisfy your crowd during the Footy Season

Take on board our favourite selling tips and be the ultimate crowd pleaser for the night. Keeping your customers happy during a busy night can be a challenge. But, when you can do it right, it can be super rewarding. 

We share our best selling tips that you can implement prior to the occasion to ensure a smooth-sailing venue, with satisfied customers.


Group Booking Discounts

Avoid the rush of crowds and encourage your customers to book a table in advance through incentives. This will allow your venue and kitchen staff to gauge the capacity of your venue and prepare beforehand, without the stress.

Booking Incentive Ideas


Footy season beers

Set Combo Deals

In preparation for large gatherings, create pizza combo deals that you think your customers will love. When customers come together, it is the perfect chance to showcase your best combo deals. Pair or group your favourite selection of foods together and sell as a themed-combo deal to encourage customers to purchase over a single menu item.

Do you have a menu item that is lacking in popularity? Simply pair it with your best-selling menu items and sell as a combo deal. This way, you can sell more, without food wastage. Plus, customers love saving some extra coin, so it is a win-win situation!

Our favourite Combo Deal ideas for the AFL Grand Finals
  • Family Meal Combo - 3 Stone Baked Pizzas, 3 Sides of choice & 3 Jugs

  • Drinking Partners Combo - 2 Stone Baked Pizzas & 2 Drinks of choice

  • Friends & Family Combo - 4 Stone Baked Pizzas & 6 Drinks of choice

  • Stone Baked Pizza Combo - Stone Baked Pizza & Drink of choice

  • Sharing Combo - 3 Stone Baked Pizzas & 2 Sides of choice


In-house Betting Experience

Bring fun to the table with an in-house betting experience that can be enjoyed by staff and guests. Hold an in-house betting experience where customers cast their votes on their favourite team. By the end of the game, customers who voted for the winning team will receive a Stone Baked Pizza Voucher or general venue voucher to spend.

In-House Betting Resources
  • Pen & paper submission

  • Online voting

  • Voting via App


Themed Venue & Interactive Space

Elevate your customer's experience in your venue by going all-out with decor. Light up the spirit with decorations around your venue to set the mood and encourage a community-like bond between your customers. There are many things you can do around the venue to spice it up!

Spice up your venue!
  • Photo station - Set up a photo booth station to encourage your customers to snap a photo, post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag you! This is also a great way to collect customer photos that can later be used on your social media to broadcast your community love.

  • Themed banners and marketing materials

  • Staff wearing their supporting team colours


Crowd favourite celebratory pizza recipes

Win the heart of your customers with delicious and loaded pizza options. Enjoying a sports game just isn't the same without a slice and a beer in hand. We share our favourite pizza recipes that are loaded with flavour and fun.


Footy season med lamb pizza
Mediterranean Lamb Tzatziki Pizza
What you need:


Footy season peking duck pizza


Peking Duck Pizza
What you need:

Tip: Pair with a Cabernet Sauvignon


Footy season buffalo chicken pizza
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
What you need:

Tip: Pair with an Indian Pale Ale to complement the kick from the buffalo sauce.


Footy season pulled pork pizza
BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza
What you need:

Tip: Pair with an Indian Pale Ale to complement the kick from the buffalo sauce.


Footy season cheeseburger pizza
Cheeseburger Pizza
What you need:


Turn your idea into a reality with marketing materials

Now that you've got the selling tips and pizza recipes, it's time to bring your ideas to life. Here at Il Uno Artisan, we make it easy for you to push your ideas into reality by providing you with a solution to half of your problems. Marketing is a vital step in promoting your venue's stone baked pizzas. The best way to encourage your customers to purchase your pizzas is to let them know you serve it in the first place!

We've created a collection of point of sale (POS) marketing materials that you can use in conjunction with our tips above. Our Celebratory Sports Collection is a universal and sleek designed set of POS that works perfectly in pubs, taverns, sporting clubs, and bars. Not to mention, it's perfect for major sporting events like the AFL Grand Finals coming up this season.

Simply purchase the collection (don't worry, it's 100% free), download, and print it according to your preference. If you need assistance with printing, read our Il Uno Artisan Printing Guide. Once printed, place them throughout your venue. We recommend placing some outside your venue, venue windows, counters, and tables.

Footy season celebratory sports POS

POS Placement Guide
  • A4 Posters - Hang on walls inside your venue, print as a counter card, place on tables or, use a customer hand-out upon entry.

  • A1 Posters - Install as an A-Frame, install as a sign to the entrance inside and outside of your venue and hang on walls inside your venue.

  • A5 Posters - Print as a counter card to place on top of tables, serving counters, and bar counters. Or, use as customer hand-outs upon entry.

  • Digital Screens - Have these playing on your digital screens at different intervals to attract attention.

  • Social Media Posts - Post on your social media pages once a week to promote your pizza bases leading up to the event.


Contact us via for point of sale design and ideas, or for help with activation tips unique to your venue!