How to Serve the Ultimate Snack Size Artisan Pizza

How to Serve the Ultimate Snack Size Artisan Pizza

We're sharing with you our top tips for serving Il Uno Artisan 6" Classic Pizza bases in your venue. Our fun-sized artisan pizza is the ideal solution for venues who are looking to maximise their meal occasions with a simple, quick and easy menu item. 

We'll be covering a whole heap of useful tips and tricks, from storage to recipe ideas:

  • Why use Il Uno Artisan 6" Classic Pizza Bases?
  • Grow your Meal Occasions (Tips for all venue types)
  • Heat & Eat: Tips + Recipe Ideas: Display defrosted, pre-topped pizzas in your sandwich chiller ready to cook (Ideal for petrol & convenience outlets or cafes)
  • Grab & Go: Tips + Recipes Ideas: Display cooked for up to 3 hours in a closed pizza box in your hot box for on the move patrons (Ideal for petrol & convenience outlets or cafes)


Il Uno Artisan 6" Pizza


Why use Il Uno Artisan 6" Classic Pizza Bases?

  • Our bases have a high GP return
  • Grow your meal occasions (grab & go breakfast, lunch & more!) 
  • Enhance your breakfast options
  • Offer a point of difference in your sandwich chiller
  • Our bases cook in just 2 minutes
  • Our bases contain all-natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives 


Il Uno Artisan Pizza 

Grow your Meal Occasions

Our 6" bases are simple, quick and super easy to make, they're the ideal solution for a range of venues:

  • Gourmet breakfast: Offer a range of breakfast options from vegetarian antipasto (we add sun dried tomatoes, olives and feta) to eggs benedict (add two strips of cooked bacon, and simply crack an egg into the middle of your pizza, cook and finish with a drizzle of hollandaise). Serve alongside a bed of fresh rocket and relish for a gourmet breakfast menu item!
  • Easy Lunch: Offer snack size versions of classic recipes as a takeaway or an eat-in menu item served with a side of fresh salad or fries.
  • Grab & Go Hunger Fix: Display in your chiller defrosted and pre-topped, or cook and store in your hot box. (Scroll down to view our tips and recipes for both of these options!)
  • Simple Kids Options: The individual portion sizes of our 6" bases are ideal for the little ones. Offer mini options of simple classics such as hawaiian or pepperoni, or use as a base for "Create your Own" kids pizza parties!


Il Uno Artisan 6" Pizza


Heat & Eat: Tips + Recipes

Our bases make for the ideal sandwich chiller option for cafes, perfect for customers who want a freshly baked pizza, and are happy to wait just two minutes. We've added our display and serving tips for you below: 

  • Prep & Display: Defrost your bases the night before, and pre-top with a range of ingredients (we think 3 is ideal). Place inside your sandwich chiller on top of grease proof paper or wooden boards for a gourmet look and feel. Clearly display pricing and ingredients in your chiller (you can print these using a basic printer and laminate them).  
  • Serve: Simply remove from the chiller, cook for 2 minutes and serve to your customer in a small pizza box or food grade paper bag.


Our Favourite Heat & Eat Recipes: 

  • Margherita: Pre-top and display with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella slices and fresh basil.
  • Three Cheese: Our bases already have stretchy, Italian mozzarella, so simply pre-top and display with blue cheese and feta.
  • Salami Supreme: Pre-top and display with salami, capsicum and olives.
  • Parma Pesto: Pre-top and display with parma ham, cherry tomatoes and dollops of pesto.
  • Chicken & bacon: Pre-top and display with cooked chicken, cooked bacon or ham, red onion and mayo.


Il Uno Artisan Pizza - Grab & Go 

Grab & Go: Tips + Recipes

Our bases can be cooked and displayed in a hot box for up to 3 hours inside of a pizza box (keeping the lid closed) or for up to 20 minutes inside of a hot box when not inside of a pizza box. We've outlined our tips and the most ideal recipes for you below. 

  • Prep & Display: Defrost your bases the night before or for half an hour at room temperature. Top your pizzas and bake, then immediately place inside of a pizza box inside of the hot box. When displaying inside of a pizza box, it's best to have clear imagery and promotional materials showcasing your pizzas displayed around your outlet, so that customers can visualise what they are buying.   
  • Serve: Simply remove from the hot box!


Our Favourite Grab & Go Recipes: 

We think that it's best to stick with simple, classic recipes when displaying pizzas inside of a hot box, using ingredients that will last and not dry out from the heat. 
  • Margherita: No need for topping, simply bake and place inside of your hot box.
  • Pepperoni: Top with 6 slices of pepperoni and bake. 
  • BBQ Meat Lovers: Top with ham, ground beef and pepperoni and bake, then finish with a zig zag of BBQ sauce.
  • BBQ Chicken: Top with sliced onion and cooked shredded chicken, bake, then finish with a zig zag of BBQ sauce.


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