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Cooking Instructions: How to Cook the Perfect Stone Baked Pizza

Cooking Instructions: How to Cook the Perfect Stone Baked Pizza


Did you join Il Uno Artisan's Pizza Kitchen Solution and have received your  Il Uno Express commercial stone pizza oven? Lucky you! You are about to experience the ultimate Artisan Pizza Kitchen Cooking Solution.

To offer you the best cooking experience, Il Uno Artisan has put together a video on how you can cook your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases in just 4 minutes using our Il Uno Express Ovens.

This article will take you through:

  1. How to store your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases
  2. How to Prep your Pizzas for Cooking
  3. How to Prep your Oven for Cooking
  4. How to Cook your pizza using Il Uno Express Ovens
  5. How to clean and maintain Il Uno Express Ovens



Please keep in mind that cooking times of Il Uno Artisan pizza bases will vary depending on your toppings. 


Your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases will be delivered frozen. Store your frozen pizza bases in the freezer until you are ready to defrost for use.

Keep in mind that our pizza bases have a frozen shelf life of 12-18 months, so usage after this period may be breaching health and safety regulations.



You may cook your pizza bases from frozen, however this may cause uneven melting and moisture to the pizza, ultimately jeopardising it's texture and taste.

Note: If you are cooking your pizza base from frozen, please add additional cooking time.

For best results, we recommend defrosting your pizza beforehand. 

Option 1

Thaw your pizza bases at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. But don't forget about them - if left out for more than 2 hours, they may absorb the water and moisture. No one likes soggy pizza!

Option 2

Allow your pizza bases to gradually thaw in the fridge or chill room overnight for 12-48 hours. Do not leave them for more than 72 hours, as they may get soggy.

Once defrosted, remove the pizza base from its packaging and add your desired toppings. Keep in mind that you do not want to overload your pizza with toppings, or add excessive amounts of additional cheese. This may cause the ingredients to fall onto the stone base and damage the oven.



Oven preparation and usage will vary according to your cooking stage. Prior to cooking, always ensure you Pre-Heat your oven. Refer to the table below to help guide your cooking process. 



Once you are ready to start cooking, simply:

  1. Place the pizza on the stone base and close the lid of your Il Uno Express Oven
  2. Keep the temperature setting on 2.5 and allow your pizza to cook for 3 minutes 45 seconds – 4 minutes 15 seconds - or until the desired finish.
  3. Half way through cooking, use a pizza flipper to rotate your pizza 180 degrees to allow an even cook inside the pizza dome. Be careful of the hot steam!
  4. Remove your pizza from the oven using the pizza lifter provided.
Helpful cooking tips:
  • Ensure the red light on the lid of the Il Uno Express Oven is ON AT ALL TIMES. This ensures you are cooking it on its maximum temperature. 
  • Keep in mind that each pizza will have their own crust thickness due to its artisan qualities. Therefore we recommend you keep an eye on your pizza once in a while to ensure it is not cooking too quickly as this can lead to burning.
  • You can tell if your pizza is ready when the cheese has melted and slightly browned, the crust is crisp to the touch and when you lift your pizza up, the centre of the pizza base should be stable and crispy



Once you have finished cooking your pizza for the day, give your pizza stone a light scraping to ensure any excess ingredients or residual is removed.

Did you know that the black excess you see on your pizza stone base makes your pizza smell and taste more authentic and toasty? That's why we don't like removing too much of the stone excess on our stone base.

We recommend deep cleaning your stone oven once a fortnight to ensure there is no food residual on the base.

Deep Stone Scraping:

  1. Close the stone oven and heat for 25 minutes
  2. Turn off stone oven and scrape using a wire brush or pizza flipper.
    Be careful of the heat of the oven! Remember to never put fluids on the cooking stone.

That's it! You're done.


Il Uno Express Ovens

Our special stone base pizza ovens are perfect for home or commercial use. This means less equipment, more kitchen counter space and a faster cooking turnaround time. You can easily serve your customers in minutes, without wasting time.

If you would like to experience premium quality stone baked pizzas with superior cooking times and be a part of our Artisan Pizza Kitchen Solution and view our range of Artisan Pizza Bases and Oven. 

For more information on how to cook your stone baked pizzas to perfect, contact us at