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Il Uno Artisan Cooking Instructions: Cooking the Perfect Pizza

Il Uno Artisan Cooking Instructions: Cooking the Perfect Pizza

Welcome! Did you purchase Il Uno Artisan Stone Baked Pizza Bases and just received your Il Uno Express pizza oven? Lucky you! You are about to experience the ultimate Artisan Pizza Kitchen Cooking Solution.

To offer you the best cooking experience, we have put together a video on how you can cook your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases in just 4 minutes using our Il Uno Express Ovens.


This article will take you through:

  1. Storing your Il Uno Artisan Pizza Bases
  2. Defrosting Your Il Uno Artisan Pizza Bases
  3. Cooking using the Il Uno Express Oven
  4. Il Uno Express Oven Operations, Safety & Cleaning
  5. Watch our Cooking Instructions Video


Il Uno Artisan Margherita Pizza Base


Let's Begin!


Storing your Il Uno Artisan Pizza Bases

Your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases will be delivered frozen. Once you receive them, store them in the freezer until you are ready to use defrost them. Our pizza bases have a frozen shelf life of 12-18 months, so usage after this period may be breaching health and safety regulations.


Defrosting Your Il Uno Artisan Pizza Bases

For best results, we highly suggest you thaw your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases before cooking. However, if you choose to cook your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases from frozen, please dedicate additional cooking time.


Option 1

Thaw your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. 


Option 2

Allow your Il Uno Artisan pizza bases to gradually thaw in the fridge or chill room overnight. Do not leave them thawed for more than 72 hours as they may absorb the moisture. No one likes soggy pizza!

Once your pizza base has completely defrosted, remove it from its shrink-wrap packaging with a sharp tool and add your desired toppings. Keep in mind to never overload your pizza with toppings, or add excessive cheese. This may cause the ingredients to fall onto the stone base and damage the oven.


Il Uno Express Oven Cooking


Cooking using the Il Uno Express Oven


  1. Pre-heat your Il Uno Express Oven by setting the temperature dial to Setting 3 with the lid closed for 8 minutes.

  2. Once pre-heated, reduce the temperature setting of the oven to Setting 2.5
  3. Place your topped pizza onto the oven's stone base and close the oven lid

  4. Set your timer and cook your pizza base. Find the cooking times according to your pizza type and size in the table below: 

    Il Uno Artisan Pizza Cooking Times

  5. Half-way through cooking, use your pizza flipper provided in your Il Uno Express Oven box to rotate your pizza 180 degrees for an evenly cooked pizza. Be careful of the hot steam escaping the oven!

  6. Remove your pizza from the oven using the pizza lifter provided. 

  7. Serve and enjoy!


How to know when your pizza is ready:
  • The Mozzarella cheese has melted and slightly browned
  • The crust is crisp to the touch. Upon lifting the pizza, the centre base should be stable and crispy. It should not be soft or floppy.
  • Your toppings have melted into your cheese


Il Uno Express Oven Operations, Safety & Cleaning


Standby Mode 

When you are not continuously cooking your pizzas, we recommend putting the oven on Standby Mode.

  1. Leave oven lid open with temperature resting at Setting 2.5

  2. Or, close the oven lid and reduce the temperature to Setting 1



  • Always switch off the oven and unplug it from the electrical outlets after the final use
  • Do not touch the oven surface when it is turned on.
  • Only handle the oven using the heat resistance handles on the top and sides.



Daily Clean

Once you have finished cooking your pizzas for the day, give the oven's pizza stone a light scraping to ensure any excess ingredients or residual is removed.

Note: Do not allow pizza toppings to touch the stone base as it can damage the stone.


Weekly Clean

We recommend deep cleaning your stone oven once a week to maintain a healthy and sanitised working area.

  1. Turn oven temperature to Setting 3 for 30 Minutes with the lid closed

  2. After the 30 minutes, turn the oven off and wait for it to cool down

  3. Using the pizza flipper, scrape off residual food and wipe clean

Note: Do not clean the oven with cleaning products or liquids. 


Watch the Cooking Instructions Video! 


View and print the Cooking Instructions here!

For more information on how to cook your stone-baked pizzas using the Il Uno Express Oven, feel free to contact us at