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Our Story

Il Uno Artisan Pizza Kitchen seeks to revolutionise the Foodservice industry. We offer the ultimate solution for providing your customers with the most authentic, highest quality, premium artisan Margherita pizzas and pizza bases in the market, and combining this solution with end-to-end marketing, service, support and education for all of our customers.

The Journey to Il Uno Artisan

Il Uno Artisan offers stone baked artisan pizza bases using the finest, most natural ingredients Italy has to offer. With the combination of natural flavours and Neapolitan production methods, it makes for an authentic artisan pizza base that looks to be handcrafted by you.

Our hand stretched and portion-leavened dough is made of quality standard Italian flours, semolina and live yeast for dough that is perfectly light and airy.

Our bases are stone baked to perfection to reveal an authentic Neapolitan look and taste that features a thin center, puffed crispy crust and peaking dough bubbles.

We use all-natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality taste. Our decadent San Marzano and Herb tomato sauce paired with our specially cubed Italian Mozzarella Cheese works in unison to provide the ultimate flavour sensation.

Our stone baked artisan pizza bases are specially crafted to look and taste like you made it yourself.

Why choose Il Uno Artisan?

  • Natural ingredients sourced from Italy
  • Quality Italian flours
  • 24-hour portion leavened dough
  • Hand-stretched for artisan appearance
  • San Marzano pulpa & Herb tomato sauce
  • 100% cubed Mozzarella cheese
  • Vegan & Vegetarian options
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Saves on time & labour
  • Cost effective