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100% Vegan Vegetable Pizza Bases enters the Australian Market

100% Vegan Vegetable Pizza Bases enters the Australian Market

When it comes to healthy food, you may have noticed a sudden change in consumer preferences. There has been an influx of demand for healthy food alternatives, following a shift to build healthier lifestyle choices.


The shift to a healthier lifestyle

When browsing your grocery supermarket shelves, you may have noticed the increase in healthy food ranges.

Well, that’s because there are more brands taking advantage of the health food boom. This major food and lifestyle trend is here to stay with evergreen consumption taking over the food and drink industry

Many Australians are even ditching medicinal health treatments with hopes to find preventative alternatives through natural and organic foods. 

Though, the shift to a healthier lifestyle is not as straight forward as it may seem. Each person has a different approach when it comes to what ‘healthier’ is for them. This brings forward the vast approaches to seeking a healthy lifestyle:

Rising lifestyle changes:

  • Purchasing only ethical food products
  • Closely monitoring brands and food labels
  • Introduction or reduction of specific food types
  • Increasing active state
  • Forming new daily habits that positively impact the environment

Popular dietary changes:

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Flexitarian
  • Ketogenic
  • Low calories

Serving this shift

Large supermarkets and fast-food chains are accommodating this lifestyle shift within recent years. Major supermarket chains have ditched plastic bags, creating a recycling scheme and have started stocking a range of plant-based meat alternatives on their shelves.

Major fast food chains have also introduced new ingredients to accommodate this shift, with Dominos supplying vegan cheese options, and Hungry Jacks introducing their 100% Vegan burger. These changes came with some controversy but proved to be a major success with the public.  

So, with steps taken from the large companies, there is an obvious demand and importance surrounding the certainty of demand in dietary requirements and choices.


Healthy and Fun Vegetable pizza bases



Here at Il Uno Artisan, we also believe in the importance of diet inclusivity and its positive impacts.

That’s why we have launched a new range of pizza bases that is new to the Australian market – Il Uno Artisan Vegetable Pizza Base Range.

Our Vegetable Artisan Pizza Bases are suited to vegan, vegetarian, low carb and healthy eaters. 

If you’re familiar with our range of stone baked pizza bases, then you’re in for a treat. Not only are they a healthier pizza alternative, but they also have the same artisan quality and taste. 

Our authentic production methods remain the same, using finely selected natural ingredients and artisan cooking methods for an artisan look and feel. This is incredibly ideal for businesses in the foodservice industry, as it mimics a handmade appearance.  

  • Gold standard ‘00’ flour combination
  • Fresh ingredients sourced from Italy
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% vegetable puree


Let’s run through the range:

Basil Pizza Base
This fun green pizza base screams “health!”. The natural colour of light green comes from the fresh basil puree infused into the pizza dough. The hint of basil complements any savoury pizza dish.

Beetroot Pizza Base

This bright beetroot pizza base will surely catch your attention. It’s strong magenta colour and hint of sweetness will impress all your guests. It can be used to enhance the sweetness of a dessert pizza or help balance out savoury flavours – the choice is yours.

Cauliflower Pizza Base

The healthy cauliflower pizza base has a light appearance that can sometimes be mistaken for our Plain pizza bases. However, the cauliflower pizza base is low in calories and easier on the stomach. Think of all the creations you can make with this one base! 


Pumpkin & Carrot Pizza Base

The pumpkin and carrot pizza base is the ultimate partner duo. The mixture of pumpkin and carrot leaves a natural muted yellow that can be enhanced with rich toppings. The options are endless when you have a great versatile base.

Vegetable Pizza Bases are a game-changer in the foodservice industry, due to its unique selling points. Serving healthy, colourful and fun pizzas can help you maximise your ability to increase traffic, boost engagement and overall, boost pizza sales:


Meeting the lifestyle shift through your menu

It is no surprise that many Australians are eating according to specific dietary choices.  In just 2018 alone, Australia ranked number one for the most searches relating to the term ‘vegan’.

According to Hogan (2019), most of Australia should and will be pursuing veganism. Now is the best time to start expanding your menu and catering to those missing out!


Il Uno Artisan's 100% Vegan Vegetable Pizza Base Range

With Il Uno Artisan’s new range of Vegetable pizza bases, you can easily implement healthy and vegan-friendly options without the hassle. They are 100% vegan and made of 100% vegetable puree, meaning they contain no animal products and have added nutrients.

But using these pizza bases doesn’t mean you need to cut on serving meaty options. You can further broaden your pizza menu by offering meat, vegetarian or vegan options according to your pizza sauce and pizza toppings.

It’s as simple as that!

Promoting vegan and healthy pizzas in your venue will help you attract new audiences who are seeking delicious pizza alternatives. This is the perfect solution for retail foodservice businesses who are finding it hard to meet health food demands.


Create buzz through their unique colours

We are the first colourful Vegetable stone baked pizza to hit the Australian market!

That’s why you should take advantage of the Vegetable pizza bases’ unique colours through marketing and promotion. You have the potential to invite new customers, drive more organic traffic to your venue and even form loyal customers.

Creating buzz online will draw in new customers willing to scope out the new product.


Get creative with your pizza menu

Let your chefs have creative freedom in crafting their own recipe using the Vegetable pizza bases. Cooks and chefs can push their creative boundaries to create something unique on your menu that will wow your customers.

The options are endless. You can create entrees, main and dessert options just by using one range. Check out more Vegetable pizza recipe inspiration.


Serving new audiences

Vegetable pizza bases will please any crowd, but targeting smaller audiences can help bring more exposure to your menu:

Share it!

Why not create delicious, unique and colourful pizzas that are visually appealing and perfect for online sharing. Sharing unique and inciting food photos on social media will help boost customer engagement, social presence and spread positive word of mouth – inviting more customers to visit your venue.


Who knows a picky eater?

We all know that kids do not enjoy having their daily intake of greens. But what if we could make it fun?

Our Vegetable pizza bases contain 100% Vegetable puree, meaning they are packed with healthy nutrients and provide much needed energy for kids. These are hidden within the bring colours and fun appearances of our pizza bases, the kids will never know!