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Pizza Competition: Best Pizza Recipe Cook-Off

Pizza Competition: Best Pizza Recipe Cook-Off

We love working with our clients to make rewarding things happen! This year Il Uno Artisan has teamed up with our major client Funlab to host their Annual Motherfunner Cook Off (AMCO) competition.

After Funlab's AMCO success in 2018, we thought it was best to keep the tradition going with our new Il Uno Artisan pizza bases.

Participants from Funlab venues united to cook their best ever pizza recipes using Il Uno Artisan's Classic Margherita 12-inch pizza base. They were all anticipating to score a trip of a lifetime to Italy, plus participate in an additional pizza masterclass.

All contestants had full creative freedom to create the most unique, great-tasting pizza ever imagined using Il Uno Artisan’s 12-inch Classic Margherita pizza base. By using our pre topped pizza bases, contestants were challenged to find the perfect combination of pizza toppings that would complement the pizza as a whole.


The best Italian pizza recipe was judged upon the following criteria:

  • The overall taste of the pizza
  • Balance in flavours
  • Classic pizza musts (crispy base, browned caramelised cheese, fully cooked)

Additional points:

  • Presentation
  • Covering dietary requirements
  • Originality of pizza
  • Unique and fun name
  • Best fancy dress

After many weeks of watching, smelling and eating hundreds of delicious, creative pizzas, the starting contestants were narrowed down to just four for in preparation for regional heats. Each pizza was unique and creative, wow all the judges every time with amazing food presentation and delicious tastes.

Regional Heat finalists

New South Wales
Tara Witchard - (Strike, King Street Wharf) with the Falafelicios 

Alex Guy - (Strike, Highpoint) with the 'Sunday Roast'

Dan Powell - (B. Lucky TCB) with the 'Pig in a Pumpkin Patch'

Rory Clifford (Holey Moley, Northbridge) with the 'Zoro Popeye'

After weeks of more than 100 pizza entries that made WOWed our judges, came the Regional Heat finalists ready to compete for the ultimate Italian prize. These contestants flew to Melbourne to battle it out against each other to win the grand prize – a trip to Italy!

On Wednesday the 19th of June 2019, all four finalists flew to Melbourne to compete for one last time. To battle it out for the best and most unique pizza recipe imagined, at the Archie Brothers, The District. The atmosphere was busy, with MC’s loud, the crowd busy and contestants amped up to show the judges what they’ve got in store.

In order to win this once in a lifetime trip to Italy, they had to impress four judges dressed in blown up chef costumes (no pressure!).


  • The Michael Schreiber 
  • The Niall O'Doherty
  • Il Uno Artisan Pizza founder Alon Yadin
  • Secret guest judge

So, the contestants were sent prepping their pizzas to be cooked in our Il Uno Express pizza stone ovens and serving the best pizza recipe with hopes to win. And after more hours spent tasting deliciously cooked pizza, our judges came to a swift decision on the winner…

Alex Guy from Strike Highpoint
Pizza creation 'Mumma's Sunday Roast'


Congratulations on winning a trip of a lifetime to Italy where you will no doubt have a mama mia of a time!